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Looking for that forever home (A Photo Diary)

Image**UPDATE**: Our little guy has now found a forever home!
Hi, I’m about a 6-week old stray kitten found under the hood of a car. I’ve been given many names since I’ve been here, some of those include “Jetta” (guess what kind of car I was riding in?), “Otto”, “Batman”, “Brucie”, “Waldo” and “Spazz”. Hopefully the owners of my forever home will be able to settle on a good one once and for all.ImageI didn’t look that great when I came in, but a nice bubbly bath and some medications are keeping me in tip top shape now! I’m still pretty hesitant to explore, and am always on the lookout, but I’m starting to get over my neophobia.

I won’t be ready to be adopted for a while, but you should certainly stop by the clinic for a snuggle and a hello!


I’m a natural born killer!

I have already received my first set of kitten vaccines, and each day I’m coming out of my shell even more!

ImageExploring is becoming my new favourite hobby, but I definitely don’t want to start exploring outside anytime soon! I’m on the hunt…for a forever home!


So adopt me, maybe? To see more pictures of me, visit our Facebook.


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