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Open House Countdown! 11 days left!

The next few weeks are pretty exciting for everyone — parents are sending their kids back to school, summer vacations are winding down (until next year, cottage patio!) and fall is moving itself in. But above all of the aforementioned transitions is the excitement that’s building for our first annual open house! We’ve been working furiously here to get the word out (seriously, check out any of Toronto’s newspaper’s “Events” pages online, we’re there!) and to assemble as many goody bags as possible for you and your furry companions.

We’re going to be utilizing every inch of our beautiful clinic to the best of our abilities. Not only will there be lots of fun (we’ve got cotton candy, a BBQ, face painting, stickers, a candy bar and goodie bags), but there will be a lot of information on preventative medicine and general healthy living for your pet. As always, our wonderful resident veterinarian Dr. Helen Foster and our superb veterinary technician Carrie will be there (munching on cotton candy all the while) to answer any questions you may have.

We must also extend our thanks in advance to Toronto Animal Services. Without all the hard work of Toronto Animal Services protecting and caring for the stray and unwanted pets of Toronto, we would be seeing a lot more animals needlessly euthanized or left to be strays (in fact, did you know that Sammy Foster came from TAS?). It is with pride that we team up with them for this event, in hopes of generating some funds to give back to TAS to thank them for all the work they do for the pets of Toronto. If you feel like you’re missing a little four-legged friend in your life, there will be cats and dogs available for adoption at our open house. If you can’t make it to our open house, there are plenty of animals that still need to be adopted. Please see the TAS adoption page here.

Further, the wonderful contribution from our sponsors such as the talented pet photographer Piotr Organa will further support our cause. You can enter for a chance to win his generous donation of a pet photo session. Please see his work here

Oh, and in case you forgot:

Bickford Park Animal Hospital Open House!

Saturday September 15th, 2012

12-4 pm

807 Bloor Street West (southwest corner of Christie Pitts park)

Sammy “Mud Puddles” Foster — a rescue from TAS!

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