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Bathing Your Dog

If you are unaware of the benefits and the “how-to” of bathing your dog, read on!

Bathing Your Dog:

Bathing your dog is an easy way to ensure that you keep their skin and coats healthy, by washing away any nasty bacteria that likes to populate and produce unsightly and uncomfortable infections. It also is a great way to bond with your animal and further train them in obedience. It is recommended to wash most dogs every 3 months, unless you have a dog whose  breed requires extra attention be paid to their coats (e.g. Shar peis), or a dog who is just plain messy! Bathing your dog will have to happen more frequently if they have a skin or hair condition that requires medicated shampoo be applied (e.g. for a dog with a skin allergy).

In Preparation:

If your dog is a long-haired breed, comb out as many knots and tangles in their coat as possible. Prepare the space you plan to wash your dog in (a bathtub indoors or a bath outside are both fitting — plan according to the weather). If washing her in a tub indoors, providing a non-slip mat would be ideal, especially for the first time neophobics. Make sure to use a shampoo specifically designed for dogs, or to use a medicated shampoo only as directed by your veterinarian. Use lukewarm water. Distraction aids such as toys or treats will make the experience much smoother. If you are bathing your dog indoors a detachable shower head should suffice, while outdoor baths will require large buckets or cups. Make sure you have lots of fluffy towels for your dog beforehand and to wear clothes you aren’t all that attached to.

Step 1:

Start by wetting down your dog, preferably from the feet up, to get them acclimatized to the water. Be sure not to get any water near their head (particularly their eyes, ears, and nose). If your dog’s head needs to be washed, get a damp cloth (with no soap on it!) and spot treat the head.

Step 2:

Apply a liberal amount of shampoo to your hands and massage it deep into your dogs coat starting from the back of the head (as high as behind the ears)

Step 3:

Carefully wash all of the soap from your dog’s coat, making sure to avoid the head. Multiple rinses are recommended.

Step 4:

Using your hands like a squeegee, remove excess water from the coat. Then, using a large towel, pat and then rub dry your dog’s coat, being careful not to tug too hard on the fur. Using a hairdryer is also an option, although you should be careful not to keep it in one spot on the body for too long, as this can burn the skin (additionally, the noise and force of a hairdryer tends to scare dogs)

Step 5:

Reward your dog with lots of praise, a treat, and lots of love!

Have fun at your “spaw” date!

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