Your Pets Health

The Healing Power of Animal Companionship

If you own an animal, large or small, you may have already noticed the positive effects they’d had on your well-being. For decades, studies have shown time and time again how animals are therapeutic for humans. Nursing homes and hospitals are frequently visited by therapeutic dogs (and less commonly, cats) to visit patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. There are even dogs that undergo rigorous training to become certified animal companions for people suffering from anxiety, depression, anger and other states of distress. These animals are a powerful alternative to drug therapy for these patients that offers not only relief from their symptoms but work to rehabilitate humans.

But just because your furry friend isn’t certified doesn’t mean they don’t have a similar effect on you. The daily grind brings stress, anger, and sadness. Animals have been known to sense states of distress, by removing states of feeling isolation and loneliness.

How has your pet improved your lifestyle?

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